Update 2022 How to set your favorite ringtones on your phone

I believe there are still many friends who don’t know how to set their favorite ringtones on their mobile phones. Today, I will teach you how to set your own ringtones for mobile phones.


  • cell phone
  • QQ Music


  1. First download QQ music and open it.
  2. Choose your favorite music and click on the icon in the picture.
  3. Tap Set ringtone.
  4. At this time, such an interface will be displayed to open the area circled in the figure.
  5. After opening, click Back and repeat the above operation.
  6. Next, edit your favorite part.
  7. Finally, click Set as ringtone.

The specific steps to set the ringtone of the caller to your favorite song are as follows (here we take the vivo phone as an example):

As much as itunemachine best ringtone download like an iTunes-specific service, it actually has free ringtones for both iPhone and Android devices. The site is super sleek, almost completely ad free new ringtone download, and couldn’t be easier to use. It should be simple to find great ringtones for Android and iPhone here because of the variety of categories. For starters, there’s a New Ringtones and Best Ringtones section to locate those downloads, as well as genres for instrumental, music, WWE, NLF, sound effects, sports, funny, video game, alarm, and message ringtones, among several others. You can preview any ringtones quickly without having to go to the final download page. There’s a separate download button for MP3s and M4Rs for every ringtone.

1. First turn on the phone-click to open the settings-sound.

2. Then click to turn on the ringtone of the incoming call.

3. Finally, click to enter the custom ringtone, select the song you like, and set the incoming call ringtone to your favorite song.

How do I set my favorite ringtones for my iPhone? It’s actually very simple. Next, let’s follow the editor to take a look at the specific steps.

How to set your favorite ringtones for Apple mobile phones



  1. First, prepare the following two software “Garage Band” and “Kugou Music”, and click “Kugou Music”;
  2. After entering Kugou Music, select our favorite ringtone and click “set ringtone” in the drop-down list
  3. Next, click “Copy to GarageBand” in the pop-up list
  4. Then, we select the file and press and hold it until the list pops up;
  5. Then, click “Share” in the expanded list
  6. At this time, select “set ringtone” in the shared music
  7. Then, click “Export” in the upper right corner to prompt that the export is successful.
  8. Finally, in Settings-Sound and Touch-Phone Ringtone, then select the ringtone we just exported.

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