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Tonos de Rock es una aplicación de tonos de llamada de rock para celular fácil de usar y con una gran variedad de hot ringtones de rock y metal

Esta aplicación de hot ringtones te permite buscar por nombre el tono de rock favorito, además permite configurar como tono de llamada, tono de alarma o tono de notificaciones de una manera muy fácil.

Hot ringtones – mp3 ringtone 2022

Descarga tus hot ringtones preferidos en mp3 de una manera muy sencilla, busca por nombre las melodías de rock y metal de todos los tiempos y disfrútalo al máximo con esta aplicación de tonos de llamada para celular.


Hot ringtones – ringtone download 2022

Hemos recopilado gran variedad de tonos de llamada de rock para que disfrutes de esta aplicación al máximo con tus amigos, personas cercanas o familia escuchando y recordando tonos de llamada de rock de todos los tiempos.

 Configura hot ringtones de rock como alarma, tonos de notificación, llamada o tonos para un contacto en específico de una manera muy simple.

* MP3 Ringtones Download – Lemon Ringtones:- Farm animal can be found in you home, village as your friend,pet and many

more daily transactions such as buffalo, cow, cat, dog, sheep, turkey, toad,


* Wild:- Wild animals are here which you listen in stories and go to zoo to watch

them. You can find them here, but they are really wild such as elephant, lion,

fox, gorilla, giant panda, hippo……

* Insects :- Here we found those insects 4 you which can be found near your home,

street, fields and whose sounds are amazing to use as hot ringtones. They are

cricket, cicada, beetle, mosquito, house fly……

* Water :- Water animals are also here who specially love water and live in or near

water area, ocean/sea side area. They are Dolphin, whale, alligator,frog…..

What You can do with Animal Sounds & hot ringtones (CONTROLS):–

* Play the sweetest/hard/horror but real voice of most famous animals by simply touch

play button.

* Enjoy the beautiful sounds/songs/roar and photos of various animals.

* Set these animal calls for your android phone as : Ringtone, Notification, Alarm with the help of our user friendly app. Only you have to touch our app setting button available with every animal and select options popped up as required and enjoy your daily life with amazing animal sounds & hot ringtones.

*Some sounds are of short duration and some of long, which also suits for the variation in play duration of notification, ringtone and alarm. such as notification is considered to be short time play duration than ringtone, alarm.

*User Friendly interface of viewpager and tabs with interactive design then either you

SWIPE or SELECT TAB to switch CATEGORIES of our favourite animals.

Hot ringtones – new ringtone 2022

Finally, we can say that it’s time to switch for animal sounds and hot ringtones for your daily life, and this app Animal Sounds & hot ringtones will enlighten you from morning to morning. These animal sounds and hot ringtones will spread the importance of animals all over the earth.

If you are also planning to download ringtone, then you need to do some careful selections so that your phone will be in a good condition. The main benefit of downloading this free ringtone is that you can save your time and money. This free music can be downloaded in various formats such as text, rundll, wma, ambience, wma, and so forth. Listen to different kinds of ringtones according to your needs so that you can easily update your phone.

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