[Free ringtones] 7 major website ringtones for you to choose!

If you are tired of listening to the built-in iPhone ringtones, then change to another ringtone! Mila Bian wants to recommend 7 websites for your reference. There are thousands of different ringtones, all of which are free. If you are interested, please read the introduction of ringtone downloads from the 7 major websites

Free download ringtone website recommendationAlthough many websites now launch gadgets, you can put your favorite music in and cut the clips, and use the edited clip music as a ringtone. Although this method is also good, it is a bit more troublesome. The following is an introduction After downloading, you can directly use the audio files as mobile phone ringtones, which is more convenient! The types of ringtones in the following 7 websites are very diverse. Maybe there are many ringtones that you have never heard before, or have very novel sound files. It must be cool to use them as mobile phone ringtones!

1. Audiko

Audiko website is in Chinese. You can see the ringtones you want from the categories of rock, dance, rap, soundtrack, classic rock, and pop music. Or directly refer to the list of best ringtones recommended on the website. After you choose, you can edit some clips when you want the ringtone. Isn’t it great? Both iPhone and Android phones can use the ringtones here! (Android ringtone file is MP3 file, iPhone ringtone file is M4R file)

2. CellBeat

CellBeat ringtone categories are very interesting, such as drums, bass, children, hip-hop , Politics, soul, political category. On the website, you can see the detailed description of each ringtone, and you can also see which ringtones are the most popular and downloaded by most people. Use these introductions to choose your iPhone ringtone. The download file of the website ringtone is M4R. If you want to download it on your Android phone Please choose the MP3 format to download if you want to use it

flute ringtonehttps://bestringtones.net/flute-ringtones.html
hindi song ringtonehttps://bestringtones.net/bollywood.html
tamil ringtone songhttps://bestringtones.net/tamil-ringtones.html
english ringtonehttps://bestringtones.net/pop-ringtones.html
bgm ringtonehttps://bestringtones.net/bgm-ringtones-download.html
love ringtonehttps://bestringtones.net/love-ringtones.html
marathi ringtonehttps://bestringtones.net/marathi-ringtones.html
krishna ringtonehttps://bestringtones.net/krishna-ringtones.html
message tonehttps://bestringtones.net/message-ringtone-download.html
english song ringtonehttps://bestringtones.net/pop-ringtones.html
funny ringtonehttps://bestringtones.net/funny-ringtones.html

3. Tones7

Image 336.png
If the ringtone sound you are looking for is special and peculiar, then you must collect it on this website! Because there are a lot of ringtones with various sounds, such as car locks, animal sounds, sounds of various musical instruments, etc., or the ringtones that you want to be in the normal category are also available here. All ringtones can be directly downloaded from the website and applied to your mobile phone ringtones, both Android phones and iPhones can use!

▶ iPhone/ Android: Tones7_Free Ringtones Download (web version)

4. Notification Sounds has

Image 337.png

a very simple layout. The ringtone files downloaded using Notification Sounds are more diversified. There are MP3, M4R, OGG files, and M4R files can be used on iPhone On the ringtone, you can find different ringtones by selecting tags of different categories!

▶ iPhone/ Android: Notification Sounds_Free Ringtones Download (web version)

5. Mobile9 has

more than 25,000 ringtones. The most special one is Indian-specific ringtones. Those who like Indian-style music can refer to it. Previously there was only a web version of Mobile9, and now it has also launched a mobile phone exclusive APP, both Android and iPhone can be downloaded, directly find your favorite ringtone on the phone, and then click download to change the ringtone!


6. MeloFania

In addition to providing popular music clip ringtones Lady GaGa, Beyonce, Britney Spears, etc., MeloFania can also edit your own mobile phone ringtones online by yourself. The ringtone file can be created as MP3 or iPhone ringtone file M4R, which is a very convenient website. !

▶ iPhone/ Android: MeloFania_Free Ringtones Download (web version)

In addition to various ringtones in Zedge Zedge, there are also free mobile phone background pictures, stickers, short videos, etc. The ringtone types inside are natural Sound ringtones, classical, pop, rock, country, soundtrack and other genres of popular songs. Download the Zedge App directly to quickly download the ringtone you want. This ringtone can even be downloaded by Android phone users!


Sung A Chin

Sung A Chin

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